Is everything organic?

We try to carry as much organic and local produce as possible, but also strive to strike a balance between sustainability and affordability to keep things accessible to all folks. Same goes for grocery goods, lots of organic and conventional options to choose from.

When is the best day to shop at The Market?

Everyday! But to make sure what you’re looking for is in stock, we get new shipments for Wednesday and Friday mornings.

What types of payment does The Market accept?

We accept Canadian cash, US cash (at par), Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and Debit. There’s an ATM across the street.

When is fresh caffeine available?

Everyday! Solomon Rose Cafe & Gallery rocks some amazing espresso drinks a few days/week, but when they are not open we always have a fresh organic pot of coffee on. If you’re after the good stuff, check the Cafe hours on their website.

What do you carry for fresh meat?

Fresh meat?! We take on new staff in June.
In other meat: on Fridays and Saturdays we have fresh non-medicated (Heritage) thighs and breasts plus whole chickens. Bi-weekly we have pasture raised non-medicated ground beef, top sirloin steak, bacon, sausages and more. We always carry a variety of frozen meats and fish.

Where do I get fresh seafood?

At the dock, rumor has it!
We carry frozen sockeye salmon, cod, haddock, sole, prawns, shrimp, scallops, etc. You can often find fresh fish in the summer at local docks.

Does the Market have a public washroom?

No. The closest public washroom is located a couple blocks away at the Recycling Depot (across the street from the Hardware Store).

Are you hiring?

Usually! Shoot us your resume with a short-story about yourself to

Do you carry gluten free products?

Yes, we have a variety of cookies, crackers, baking supplies, sauces plus Little Northern Bakehouse frozen bread and Udi’s frozen bagels.

Check the gluten free products section for more.

Do you carry vegan products?

Yup! Sausages, cheeses, sour cream, ice cream and more.

Do you sell fresh flowers?

Yes, the Cafe carries them seasonally (summer months). But they are also are often available at the Saturday Farmer’s Market and some local road stands.

Do you carry big pharma products? Ie: Tylenol, Benadryl, etc.

Nope, but we have all kinds of natural supplements, tinctures and homeopathic remedies, plus a full assortment of natural skin care products, salves, organic sunscreen, etc.

The huge photos of Galiano on display in the Market are amazing!! Are they for sale too?

Yes, you can order custom prints by emailing with a request (and a snapshot of the photo where it is in the Market!)

Name 3 things you don’t carry? GO!

  1. Alcohol
  2. Cigarettes
  3. Ice

But all those items are available just across the street at the Corner Store (with the Tylenol!)